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Unveiling of the new Ad Concordiam website
Friday, 4 de November de 2011

The Association for the Promotion and Diffusion of the Economic Agreement will shortly unveil the new website showcasing the Economic Agreement.  The approach to the Economic Agreement has been structured in three levels in this new tool: the most basic is  for those people starting out in this area, where the fundamental aspects of our funding system is set out using simple concepts and audio-visual resources, such as animated info-graphics and games.  The second level, which provides more technical contents of the Agreement, by means of summaries and diagrams, is aimed at those people that wish to consolidate their knowledge. Finally, the advanced level targets professionals and scholars in this area that need to keep permanently up-to-date with a high degree of specialisation, and therefore provides access to the most important legislation and academic, judicial and administrative doctrine relating to the Economic Agreement, along with the publications of the different Ad Concordiam publishing lines.