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Agreements of the Economic Agreement Joint Commission
Wednesday, 29 de January de 2014

On 16 January, the Economic Agreement Joint Commission met to sign a total of 13 agreements, which include amending the Economic Agreement to include the approval of the new taxes established in the State in recent years and those agreements for the financial effects of the new agreements to be retroactive to 1 January 2013. In addition to the commission ratifying other agreements regarding budget stability and agreeing the content of the information exchange in that area, some technical amendments were introduced to the agreed text and to the Regulations of the Arbitration Board. The members of the latter were also appointed, with its chair being taken by the Professor of Financial and Tax Law at the Complutense University of Madrid, Gabriel Casado Ollero, and with Isaac Merino Jara and Francisco Javier Mugurza Arrese continuing as members.

As has already been reflected in the media, settling the disputes that have accumulated in recent years regarding the settlement of the quotas has been left for future negotiations, along with preparing new quota legislation, given that the one in force, initially set for the 2007-2011 five year period, has been extended since 2012.

Basque Government press release

Text of the amendment to the Economic Agreement

Outline of the agreements reached