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Conference at Trinity College Dublin
Friday, 10 de July de 2015

Between 25 and 27 June, the Department of Hispanic Studies at Trinity College Dublin organised the “Pulling together or pulling apart” conference, during which different issues regarding nationalist aspirations and the formation of the European Union and its future. Caroline Gray, from Liverpool University, was one of the speakers and gave a lecture entitled “The role of the EU in the development of substate fiscal autonomy, obstacle or opportunity? The case of the Basque region in Spain”. She explained her perspective regarding the opportunities and obstacles that the EU presents for the opportunities to develop substate fiscal autonomy in the member states, based on the experiences of the Basque Country and the Economic Agreement system.
On the other hand, the same author published her paper “The EU and substate fiscal autonomy, obstacle or opportunity? Lessons from the Basque Region of Spain” in the second issue (June 2015) of Evolving Nationalism (EVONAT) Research Brief.