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Doctrine of the Board of Arbitration of the Economic Agreement
Thursday, 14 de May de 2015

Following the retirement of Carlos Palau Taboada and the appointment of the new Chairman, Gabriel Casado Ollero, the Board of Arbitration of the Economic Agreement has resumed its activity by issuing rulings on different points, including the application of the rules successively envisaged to determine the domicile of individuals (Ruling 201502) and the confirmation of previous criteria regarding the domicile of corporate entities (Ruling No. 2014/04 and Ruling No. 2014/05).
Other points covered include declaring non-admissible, on the one hand, a dispute regarding a matter submitted to judicial pendency at the time of its being brought (Ruling No. 2014/12) and, on the other hand, the one brought with the aim of forcing the competent authority to check the trading volume of an entity, with the ensuring paradox that the very filing had prevented the check being carried out given the inherent suspensive effect of the arbitration procedure (Ruling 2014/05). Finally, the Arbitration Board denied the leave to intervene of the bankruptcy administrators of a company to be a party in the proceedings, where only the administrations in dispute may be interested parties, without prejudice to any person that accredits a legitimate interest being entitled to take part as a mere interested third party (Ruling No. 2014/01).

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