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Final instalments of the series on the Economic Agreement
Friday, 15 de March de 2019

Issues 248, 249 and 250 of Forum Fiscal contain the last three of the fifteen instalments in which Javier Armentia Basterra has examined in depth the contents of the Economic Agreement, in terms of taxation, financial relations and the bodies envisaged for those relations. This completes exhaustive efforts to document and analyse our own particular system of fiscal and financial self-government, and provides scholars with an essential instrument for understanding and disseminating it.

Moreover, issue nº 2 for 2018 of the discussion papers of the RIFDE (Network of Researchers in Regional Financing and Financial Decentralisation in Spain) contains a study by J. Agustín Manzano Silva that analyses the consequences of the agreements reached concerning the tax quota for the Basque Country and the contribution of Navarre for the Regional Autonomous Communities that operate under the common framework.

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