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Some other elements laid down in the Quota Law currently in force

The Quota Law for the five-year period 2022 to 2026, in addition to determining the way in which the financing of the Basque Country is instrumented in certain competences, its First Additional Provision maintains in force what is also established in the First Additional Provision of Law 37/1997, of 4 August, which approves the methodology for determining the Basque Country’s Quota for the five-year period 1997-2001. The latter established certain “financial compensations” justified in the search for neutrality, assumed at the time of the agreement of the Excise Duties in 1997. Their amount is determined by applying the difference between the imputation rate (6.24%) and the respective estimated consumption percentages for the Basque Country (7.13% for alcohol and derived beverages, intermediate products and beer, 6.56% for mineral oils and 4.4% for tobacco products) to the expected (in the provisional quota) or realised (in the definitive quota) revenue for each item subject to excise duty.