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The quota in the subsequent years of the five-year period

In order to calculate the Quota of any other year, the first step in to update the Net Quota of the base year. In the chart, the calculation for the year 2023, second of the five year period, is presented, assuming an index of update for said year of 1.0700198 and maintaining the same amount for the compensations of Araba-Álava.


Net Quota (4 – 8 – 9)



Updating index 2023



Updated net quota 2023 (10 x 13)



Álava Compensations



Net amount payable (14-15)


13. Updating index

As laid down in the Quota Law, the updating index in a particular year is the quotient between expected revenues from taxes covered by the Economic Agreement, (excluding those transferred in their entirety to the Autonomous Communities of the Common Territory) for the tax year to which the net quota refers and the duly adjusted revenues expected by the State for the same tax items in the base year of the five-year period.

14. Updated net quota (=Updated Base Quota)

It is obtained by multiplying the net quota of the base year by the updating index.

15. Araba-Álava Compensations

Those for the year in question.

16. Net amount payable

Once the provisional net quota is obtained, compensations in the quota amount corresponding to the particular year shall be made in order to obtain the payable net amount.