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Francisco Javier de Landaburu Universitas 2018 Prize
Tuesday, 22 de May de 2018

The jury for the Francisco Javier de Landaburu Universitas 2018 (EuroBasque)  Prize has given first pace to the research project “Participation of sub-state entities in the multi-tier fiscal and financial governance scenario of the EU: a critical summation and proposals for the future based on experiences in the Basque Country”, submitted by researchers Mikel Erkoreka, Santiago Larrazabal, Gemma Martínez and José Rubí. The project will be conducted in the context of the cooperation between the Centre for Documentation and Research on the Economic Agreement and the Provincial Treasury Departments (University of the Basque Country) and the Ad Concordiam association for the promotion and dissemination of the Economic Agreement (Provincial Council of Bizkaia, University of the Basque Country & University of Deusto).

The research project, which is to be completed at the end of this year, will focus on the future configuration and development or the architecture of institutions in the EU: taxation and the participation of regions and sub-state entities in European decision-making forums. Its goal is to provide a critical analysis of the multi-tier fiscal and financial governance scenario in the EU, highlighting the role to be played by regions and sub-state entities in the process of European integration on the basis of experiences in the Basque Country.

The final report and conclusions will be published and distributed in the next academic year.

The Jury also awarded two runner’s up prizes to the Individual project “The Articulation of Basque Federalism in the EU: Basque participation in the EU and the potential opened up by Act 25/2014 on Treaties and other International Agreements” by Xabier Ezeizabarrena and the group project “The fundamental role of regional entities in the construction of a new European political federation” by C.F. Molina del Pozo, J.A. Jiménez Carrero and R. Cirefice.