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Jurisprudence on fiscal autonomy of the Historical Territories: reasons for hope
Saturday, 9 de January de 2016

The “topic of the month” announced on the cover of issue nº 212 of Forum Fiscal is an analysis by Iñaki Alonso Arce in which the author argues in favour of the fiscal autonomy of the “chartered” [“foral”] provinces. On the one hand he mentions numerous court rulings concerned with the interpretation of the much-cited “chartered province safeguard clause” and the area of application of the ring-fencing of “chartered province” regulations; on the other hand he states that the Bilateral Committee for Cooperation between the State Administration and the Administration of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country has resolved against extending the obligation of using the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) for notifications to appear in proceedings of a fiscal nature to be conducted by the treasury departments of the chartered provinces and by local bodies in the Historical Territories.

In issue nº 25 of the journal Mediterráneo Económico Prof. Julio López Laborda, who holds the Chair of Public Economics at the University of Zaragoza presents an in-depth examination of the role played in the negotiations for a new system of financing for the autonomous regions by discussions on the degree of levelling out of the regions in an article entitled El futuro de la financiación autonómica. La Reforma de la nivelación [“The Future of Financing for the Autonomous Regions: The Reform for Levelling Out“]

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