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Latest Rulings by the Board of Arbitration and Queries from the Regulatory Assessment and Coordination Committee
Saturday, 21 de December de 2013

In recent months the Board of Arbitration of the Economic Agreement has issued a number of rulings that have been uploaded to the website. Chief among them are rulings numbers 10 and 11, 2013, in which the Board supports the opposite criterion to that defended by the company and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, and does not accept the division of invoicing by integrated tariffs with one part corresponding to distribution operations and the other to energy sales for the purposes of determining the point of connection of deliveries of electricity and the location of the corresponding operations.

Under the heading of tax queries, the Regulatory Assessment and Coordination Committee has issued three answers in which it deliberates the point of connection applicable to certain formal obligations, the point of connection in the transport of goods by sea and the application of deductions for the purchase of a principal place of residence in cases involving moves to the territory governed by the common tax authorities.

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