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Doctrine of the Board of Arbitration of Navarre
Friday, 2 de March de 2012

In issue nº 51 of the journal Revista Jurídica de Navarra Eugenio Simón Acosta, Chair of the Board of Arbitration of Navarra, summarises the main issues debated by the Board over its seven-year history. These cover points of order concerning arbitration proceedings (jurisdiction, legitimisation, procedures, evidence) and matters of substance to which the Board has given special attention.

The Board of Arbitration of Navarre has ruled on the allocating factor applicable to gas deliveries, on the understanding that gas is made available to the acquirer by the marketer at the point of connection from which customers are supplied. The allocating factor envisaged for deliveries of movable tangible property susceptible to transportation for placement at the disposal of the acquirer does not therefore apply.

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Resolution of the Board of Arbitration of Navarre