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The Economic Agreement and the economic crisis
Monday, 15 de June de 2015

Papeles de Economía Española, published by the Savings Bank Foundation (FUNCAS), has dedicated its latest issue to the reform of autonomic financing (analysis and proposals). It includes an article by the senior professor of the UPV, Ignacio Zubiri Oria, where he delves further into the advantages that the Economic Agreement system has offered throughout the economic crisis.

In May’s Forum Fiscal, Iñaki Alonso Arce discusses the evolution of the doctrine of the Administrative Litigation Division of the High Court of Justice, regarding the interpretation of the sphere of application of Act 1/2010 to “shield ” the provincial legislation, and the competence of the provincial tax offices to break away from the general tax legislation established in the General Tax Act and its basic nature. José Luis Etxeberria Monasterio considers the figure of the Provincial Chairman, Jose Luis Bilbao Eguren, and describes his participation at key moments of the recent history of the Economic Agreement, such as the preliminary ruling on the territorial selectivity of the Provincial Legislation and the initiatives aimed at their shielding. Finally, the magazine includes an interview with the recently appointed Chair of the Arbitration Board of the Economic Agreement, Gabriel Casado Ollero.

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