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The Ituna Center for Basque Economic Agreement and Fiscal Federalism Studies announces a prize for the best Master´s Thesis and Bachelor´s Thesis in 2021
Wednesday, 2 de March de 2022

The Centre for Documentation and Research on the Economic Agreement and the Local Treasuries, together with the Faculty of Economics and Business (UPV/EHU) and the Department of Treasury and Finance of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia have announced the 1st Ituna Prize to award the best Master’s Thesis (TFM) and Bachelor’s Thesis (TFG) defended in 2021 that are related to the subjects of the Economic Agreement and the Local Treasuries, from any perspective, such as taxation, history, sociology, law, economics, etc.

The works competing for the prize may be presented in Spanish, Basque, English or French, and must have obtained a minimum mark of 8.

The winning works will be eligible for publication in the “Research Collection” of the Association for the Promotion and Dissemination of the Economic Agreement Ad Concordiam.

Announcement of the 1st Ituna Prize