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The modification of the Economic Agreement has been published
Wednesday, 9 de February de 2022

The Official State Gazette of 9 February has published Law 1/2022, dated 8 February, modifying the Economic Agreement with the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

The amendment takes into account the agreements adopted by the Joint Economic Agreement Committee on 29 July 2021, which approved the new taxes on financial transactions and on certain digital services, as well as the new one-stop shop (OSS) VAT regimes.

The bill was passed in the Senate at the session on 2 February, with 253 members voting in favour out of 261 votes cast (5 against and 3 abstentions). A few days earlier, in December, it had been approved in Congress with 280 votes in favour, 57 against and 4 abstentions.

With the entry into force of the amendment to the agreed text, the local tax authorities will begin to manage the new taxes. Revenues collected by the AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency) since the new taxes came into force and which, in accordance with the agreed connection points, would have been due to the Historical Territories, must be made available to the local tax authorities.

Text of Law 1/2022