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The Ad Concordiam Association develops its own editorial line in which it publishes texts related to the current affairs of the Economic Agreement since its recovery in 1981.

New compilation of legislation, jurisprudence and bibliography on the Economic Agreement of 2002, which completes the work, also published in this Collection, on the period 1984 to 2001, written by Francisco Javier Muguruza Arrese and Alberto Atxabal Rada. If in the latter case, the compilation covers the whole period of the 1981 Economic Agreement, the present work starts precisely with the period of the current Economic Agreement of 2002.


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On the 40th anniversary of the conclusion, on 29 December 1980, of the negotiation of the Economic Agreement that came into force on 1 June 1981, after the approval of Law 12/1981, of 12 May, one of the people who played a leading role in this regard, the president of the Basque Negotiating Committee, explains in detail the development, the ins and outs, and the content of the negotiations that culminated in the recovery of a financing model which, as the author points out, is a unique model in the world. A copy of the Act of Approval of the Economic Agreement with the Basque Country, signed in Madrid by the negotiators on the aforementioned date, is included at the end of the volume.

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Los Territorios Históricos Vascos y su producción normativa foral
Starting from the basic premise of protection and respect for historical rights, this work analyzes the reality of the TTHH and the different doctrinal contributions that different authors have regarding the special legal nature of the same. After that, the study continues with an excursus on the sources of law of the Spanish legal system and the Basque NNFF as a normative production of the TTHH to then collect the legislative-institutional and doctrinal approach of some possible solutions to improve the conflictive fit and control of the NNFF in the Spanish legal system. To conclude, it analyzes the trends and proposals for modernizing the Basque institutional framework in the Spanish constitutional system, contributing the author’s personal proposal to the debate.

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La distribución de recursos entre las haciendas del País Vasco
The object of this study, which constitutes the central core of the thesis defended by the author on December 20, 2016 at the Faculty of Law of Donostia, is the analysis and assessment of the system of distribution of public resources among the Basque administrations, fundamentally, among the Provincial Councils of Araba-Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa and the Basque Government, but without forgetting the financing of the City Councils and the rest of the Basque public sector.

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Haciendas Forales: 30 años de Concierto Económico y perspectivas de futuro
Author: AAVV
This volume includes the texts of the papers and communications presented in February 2011 at the Congress held in Bilbao and organized by the Documentation Center of the Economic Agreement and the Regional Treasuries of the UPV-EHU. In the work of balance and perspectives of 30 years of activity of the Basque Regional Treasuries, not only economic or legal analyses stand out, but also others related to the public opinion, which show us how, despite the fact that the Agreement is a basic piece of the Basque Country’s self-government, there is still a long way to go in its work of projection towards society.

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The Economic Agreement between the Basque Country and Spain
Author: ZUBIRI ORIA, Ignacio
The purpose of this publication is to analyze and explain, for the English-speaking reader, the Economic Agreement, its historical origins, the use made by the Basque Country of the normative capacities recognized in it and its economic implications. It also presents a comparative study between the financing systems of the Foral Communities (Basque Country and Navarre) and the Autonomous Communities of common regime.

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Congreso Internacional. Concierto Económico Vasco y Europa
Within the framework of the criteria established by the Court of Justice of the European Communities in its ruling on the Azores case, on the exercise of fiscal autonomy by the European regions, a Congress was held in December 2006 on the “Basque Economic Agreement and Europe, regional taxation and State aid”, at the University of Deusto, the papers of which are included in this publication.

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La Identidad Pactada: Primer Proceso Estatutario y Concierto Económico 1981
Author: ALCEDO MONEO, Miren
On December 29th, 1980, a commission of delegates from the Basque institutions agreed with another commission formed by representatives of the State Government the text of the new Economic Agreement, the pillar of the Basque autonomy. Before that day there were many meetings. The aim of this research is to know what was discussed in them, what expectations they had, what pressures they were under and the degree of satisfaction reached by those who negotiated the agreement.

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El Régimen Jurídico del Concierto Económico
Author: DE LA HUCHA CELADOR, Fernando
In this study on the link between the Agreement and the legal system, the author, Professor of Financial and Tax Law at the Public University of Navarre, focuses on two highly relevant issues such as the scope of the tax harmonization powers of the Common Institutions and the legislative nature of the Foral Rules in the regulatory framework and the control regime of legality and/or constitutionality of the same.

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Recopilación del Concierto Económico Vasco: Legislación, Jurisprudencia y Bibliografía.
Book of analysis of the legislation, jurisprudence and bibliography referred to the different drafts of the Economic Agreement from 1981 to 2002. Judicial resolutions, administrative resolutions and bibliographical notes, compiled in a single work, as well as an evocation on the history of the peculiar economic-administrative regime of the Economic Agreement.

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La opinión pública española sobre el Concierto Económico Vasco (1952-2002)
Author: ENSUNZA ARRIEN, Maider
This book gives continuity to the research project, carried out with the collaboration of the Sabino Arana Foundation, on Spanish public opinion expressed in the written press between 1876 and 1937, extending its temporal scope to the period between 1952 and 2002.

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Crisis y renovación del Concierto Económico
This book gathers the winning work of the First Prize of Monographs “Ad Concordiam” and focuses on the three issues that originated the most relevant debates in the process of negotiation and gestation of the Economic Agreement of 2002: the presence of the Basque Institutions in Europe, the unilateral extension of the Economic Agreement of 1981 and the institutional subjects that should participate in the negotiation process.

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Adolfo Gabriel de Urquijo e Ibarra (1866-1933): Un artífice del Concierto Económico
Author: CASTAÑO SAN JOSÉ, Gregorio
This book collects the work that received the second prize in the First Prize of Monographs “Ad Concordiam” and focuses on the figure of the person who gives title to the book, president of the Provincial Council of Vizcaya between 1905 and 1907 and protagonist of the renewal of the Economic Agreement of 1906.

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Comentarios al nuevo Concierto Económico vasco
Author: ALONSO ARCE, Iñaki
It contains a compilation of a series of opinion articles, signed by experts in the field, on the text of the Economic Agreement of 2002, resulting from the process of its renewal, elaborated during the years 2002 and 2003. These articles provide an overall picture of the tax and financial regulations contained in the new agreed text.

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El Concierto Económico: La renovación de 2002
Author: ALONSO ARCE, Iñaki
It gathers all the documentary sources published in relation to the parliamentary procedure of the renewal of the Economic Agreement in 2002, both in the corresponding General Assemblies of the Historical Territories, the Basque Parliament and the Spanish Parliament, as well as in the respective Official Gazettes. The text of the Law 25/2001, of December 27th, which unilaterally extends the validity of the Economic Agreement of 1981, is also included.

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Opinión Pública Española sobre el Concierto Económico Vasco (1876-1937)
This book contains the results of a research study, carried out in collaboration with the Sabino Arana Foundation, about the Spanish public opinion, as expressed in the written media of all ideologies, in relation to the different agreements reached for the negotiations for the renewal of the Economic Agreement from its origin in 1876 until its abolition in Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa in 1937.

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Reflexiones en torno a la renovación del Concierto Económico vasco
Author: ALONSO ARCE, Iñaki
It contains a compilation of a series of opinion articles, signed by experts in the field, on the process of renewal of the Economic Agreement, which took place during the year 2001. Through these articles, a multidisciplinary vision of the process is obtained, including authors from the academic, political and public administration fields.

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500 años de Hacienda Foral
Author: ALONSO OLEA, Eduardo
This small book contains a historical introduction and a brief explanation of what has been and how the Foral Treasury of Bizkaia has functioned since the beginning of the 16th century up to the present. In its second part it explains the appearance of the Economic Agreement, its development until its abolition for Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa in 1937, its recovery in 1981 and the effects it has had, with a reference to the current functioning of the quota.

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