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Seminar on the Quota Negotiators and Key Players on 30 March
Monday, 2 de March de 2020

On Monday 30 March, the Basque Economic Agreement and Provincial Tax Offices Documentation and Research Centre, in conjunction with the UPV-EHU’s Department of Contemporary History and Department of Public Law – Tax and Financial Law area, is hosting the IX Seminar entitled “The Quota from the Perspective of its Negotiators and Key Players (1841-2020)“.

The event will be opened by the Bizkaia Provincial Councillor for The Treasury and Finances, and Chair of the Association to promote and disseminate the Basque Economic Agreement – Ad Concordiam, José María Iruarrizaga.

After the different experts have spoken, it will be the turn of the key players in the negotiations between the Spanish State and the Basque Country and Nvarra. The different speakers will include for Basque Government’s former Minister for the Economy and the Treasury, Pedro Luis Uriarte Santamarina, the former Minister for the Treasury and Financial Policy of Navarra, Mikel Aramburu Urtasan, along with the Basque Government’s current Minister for the Treasury and the Economy, Pedro Azpiazu Uriarte. The speaker on behalf of the Spanish government will be the former Minister for the Treasury and Civil Service, Cristóbal Montoro Romero. The seminar will end with the contribution of the Bizkaia Provincial Council Chairman, Unai Rementeria Maiz and a discussion between all the speakers.

The Chancellor of the University of the Basque Country Rectora de la Universidad del País Vasco (EHU-UPV), Nekane Balluerka Lasa, will close the event

Seminar Programme