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The Minister of Economy and Finance defends the role of the Economic Agreement at the OECD headquarters
Saturday, 26 de February de 2022

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Azpiazu, held a meeting on 28 January in Paris with the Director of International Taxation of the OECD, Pascal Saint Amas. At this meeting, the Minister defended the role of the Economic Agreement in the field of international taxation, and the involvement of Basque institutions in the implementation of the measures approved in the BEPS project.

Azpiazu, accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Itziar Agirre, outlined the unique characteristics of the Basque tax system regulated by the Economic Agreement. He also took the opportunity to convey what he has reiterated to the State regarding the participation of the Basque institutions in the international forums where tax issues are discussed, which directly affect the Basque tax system.

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