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Tuesday, 4 de April de 2023

The BOE of today, April 4th has published the laws modifying the Economic Agreement (Law 9/2023, of April 3rd) and approving the methodology of the quota to be paid to the State applicable to the period 2022 to 2026 (Law 10/2023, of April 3rd).

The former incorporates the introduction of two new taxes (the Special Tax on Non-Reusable Plastic Packaging and the Tax on the Deposit of Waste in Landfills, Incineration and Co-incineration of Waste) and adapts the connection point applicable to the Tax on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases, following the modification of its structure in the State tax regulations. The latest modifications to the connection points have made it advisable to adapt the consumption adjustment mechanism for Value Added Tax and to regulate the consumption adjustment methods for the Tax on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases and the Special Tax on Non-Reusable Plastic Packaging.
Lastly, the new tax figure, the Temporary Solidarity Tax on Major Fortunes, complementary to the Wealth Tax, has also been agreed, with reference to the connection points already established for the latter tax.
On the other hand, Law 10/2023, of 3 April, has proceeded to determine the methodology for determining the quota to be applied during the five-year period 2022-2026 and to set the provisional liquid quota for the year 2022, the base year of the five-year period. Although the approved methodology is markedly in line with that contained in the previous five-year period, some new features have been introduced in relation to the adaptation of the VAT consumption adjustment methodology, that of the Special Tax on Non-Reusable Plastic Packaging and that of the Tax on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases, determining the criteria and parameters for the application of the adjustments to consumption of the said taxes by specifying their consumption and collection indices, establishing the rules for their calculation and setting the procedure for their settlement and payment to the Basque Country.

Law 9/2023, April 3rd , which amends Law 12/2002, dated 23rd May, which approves the Economic Agreement with the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.
Law 10/2023, April 3rd, which approves the methodology for the establishment of the quota of the Basque Country for the five-year period 2022-2026.